Health Forms

Open House Nursery School is licensed by the NY Department of Health, and they require that we follow very strict guidelines.  Before your child enters school, we need a doctor’s report of a physical examination.  Have your physician fill out the Child Health Examination Form.  This form is mandatory for admittance and must be handed in by the first day of camp.  We cannot admit children into the school without a completed health form.

Drop-off & Pick-up

Early drop off is available beginning at 8am.  If you are signed up for a 9am arrival time, please do not arrive before 8:50am, unless you have purchased extended day vouchers.  We expect children to arrive no later than 9:20am, but be sure that if your child is going on a trip, he/she arrives at least ten minutes before the scheduled departure time.    

At pick-up time, wait until the teachers have opened the classroom door before you go in to meet your child.  It is very important for the well-being of your child that you arrive on time.  If you do expect to be late, please notify the school so your child can be prepared for the delay.

Open House closes promptly at 6pm.  It is important to our staff and your child that your child’s pick-up is by 5:55.  Therefore there is no grace period for late pick-ups.  Late fees will be charged when pick-up occurs after 6pm.

Children are released only to their parents or to those designated in writing.  Alert us in the morning if you have any change of plans and note it on the Going Home Notes hanging in each classroom. We will not release a child to anyone who is not scheduled to pick up your child that day.  Keep all contact numbers completely up to date so that the school can reach you at any time!


The school provides snacks, and parents provide lunch.  Glass containers and candy are never permitted at camp.  If your child is on a special diet or is allergic to certain foods, let us know before camp begins.  If your child’s needs are very unique, we may ask you to provide snack from home.  

We will not force children to eat at lunchtime but will encourage them to eat.  Children are asked to eat a minimum of half of their main course before proceeding to the dessert portion of the lunch.  When feasible, we will send home the uneaten portion of your child’s lunch.  In this way you will have concrete “feedback” concerning your child’s lunch habits.


Please alert the school if your child has been ill or exposed to a contagious disease.  The staff at Open House is allowed to administer prescription medicine only with the written authorization of a parent.  Pre-measure the dosage at home and label the container with your child’s name.  Teachers cannot administer over-the-counter medications.

If your child falls ill at school, we will notify you and ask you to pick him/her up as soon as possible.  Here are the symptoms that will prompt such a phone call:

A fever of 100 degrees or over
Diarrhea or vomiting
Persistent cough
An unexplained rash or blistering
Conjunctivitis (pink eye)
Head lice
Symptoms consistent with chicken pox, impetigo, strep throat, or any other contagious disease. 

An ill child will be compassionately isolated from classmates and be made as comfortable as possible.  Before returning to school your child must be free of symptoms, including fever, for 24 hours.  In some cases we may require that you bring us a doctor’s note. 

Accidents & Medical Emergencies

If your child sustains a minor injury at Open House, an Incident Report will be completed and a copy will be given to you. 

If your child has a medical emergency we will call you immediately.  If you can’t be reached we will call your child’s physician, and if necessary we will call an ambulance or take him/her to the NYU Langone Cobble Hill Emergency Department.  Until you arrive, the Director will take responsibility for your child’s well being.  The Director and many staff members are trained in CPR and First Aid.  Keep us completely up to date with current work, home, and emergency contact phone numbers.  If you know you will be at another number for just a day or part of a day, inform the front desk.  Parents with complicated work schedules often fill out a monthly calendar of where they will be each day.  If caregivers come from their own home to Open House, we should have their numbers, too.