Appropriate Clothing

Sometimes children like to wear fancy clothes to school, but the activities they engage in when they are here will include painting, cooking, and playing on the roof playground. We ask that you bring your child to school in sturdy play clothes that do not need special attention.

We all know how easily children’s mittens, socks, scarves, etc. can get lost. Give yourself the best chance of finding lost items by LABELING EVERYTHING. Open House has a Lost & Found Box.

Keep a complete, seasonally adjusted change of clothing in your child’s cubby. In wet or cold weather it is advisable for your child to wear boots or have a spare pair of shoes in the classroom. We use the roof playground on all but the coldest days, so please make sure your child comes dressed appropriately. A hat and mittens/gloves are essential to your child’s health and comfort.

Toys in School

Children may not bring toy guns, swords, or any other toy weapons to school. We also discourage bringing expensive or deeply cherished toys, because it is possible they may get lost or broken. Transitional objects, which help a child adjust to the school environment are welcome. Teachers will let your child know when it is time to put home toys away.