Weather Closure

If the public schools close for bad weather, so do we.  We will try to email everyone, but check this website if you are not uncertain.

Evacuation Procedure

For your information, here is Open House’s evacuation procedure in case of an emergency during school hours.

Exit building using Fire Drill Plan and bring the following:

Emergency Medical Release Forms

Emergency Contact Information Forms

Instructions for changing answering machine message

Ready Kit/First Aid Kit

Keys to school, Emergency Radio/Light 

Cell phone (Eileen’s cell 718-612-0511)

Notify the 76th precinct (718.834.3211) that the school is being evacuated.

Report missing children and staff to emergency personnel.

If necessary, proceed to Evacuation Site – Brooklyn Heights Montessori School, corner of Court St. and Bergen St.

Begin telephoning Emergency Contacts

Leave messages on telephone answering machine

Release children to parents or caregivers

Staff will record time and person picking up each child

Parents will not come into a room to pick up their child. Their child will be brought to them to minimize the effect on remaining children.

Group remaining children

Consolidate groups so that teachers can get breaks and /or communicate with their own families.

Continue telephoning designated emergency contacts for those children still remaining.

Staff will care for children until they are picked up.

In cases of severe illness or injury, Emergency Medical Release procedures will be followed.

Emergency supplies will be stocked at all times.