We at Open House would like to share our commitment to creating a more green and sustainable school community.

We pledge to our community to broaden our Green Initiative in the following ways:

  • Recycling: We will recycle all paper, metal and plastic as part of the city wide recycling program. Recycling bins will be available in every classroom. We will recycle printer and copy machine cartridges.

  • Waste Reduction: Open House will use full spectrum fluorescent light bulbs in the classroom and public spaces. We will provide signage to encourage lights be turned off when not needed. 

  • Kids’ lunches: We encourage families to help us in our efforts to reduce waste by packing ‘trash-free’ lunches. Some suggestions: use reusable containers; wax paper bags as an alternative to plastic bags; pack utensils from home; buy in bulk rather than individual containers (as in yogurt, for example).  

  • Green Products: We will use green cleaning and paper products. We’re committed to finding affordable green alternatives for every product we purchase. We will purchase only recycled copy paper and will encourage the use of double-sided copies and scrap paper for printing whenever possible.

  • Green Week: In celebration of our school’s commitment to educate, raise awareness and promote positive change, Green Week will be an annual event.

We encourage families and staff to share ideas or suggestions to help us in this effort. If you have any other ideas or suggestions, please contact your child’s teacher or class parent.

Even small things can make a BIG difference.