Open House depends on many types of contributions from its families and friends. We rely on parent expertise to help with a range of needs from graphic designer skills to website technological know-how.  Every class needs a class parent or two to interface with the larger group, and we rely on parents and friends to volunteer to help with our fundraisers.  Our classrooms are often enriched by parents who come in to read a story, oversee a cooking project, or  tell us about an interesting trip.

Because we are a small non-profit organization governed primarily by a parent board, we are always on the look-out for new board members. The time commitment to this effort can be small or large.  It ranges from serving in a executive position for a year or two, to helping out for a few hours now and then on one of our committees.

Anyone interested in contributing time or talents, small or large, should contact our Front Desk.  They will steer you to the right person to talk to.